Building Windows and Shutters that Last

Building Windows and Shutters that Last

Building windows and shutters is our proverbial bread and butter, however many of our clients are first exposed to us via our furniture restoration services. One particular client initially hired us to repair a chest of drawers and then expressed curiosity in our architectural millwork expertise.

Their existing windows and shutters were non-wood and had reached the end of their lifespan. During their search for replacements they found out about our work with Accoya and the benefits of investing in long-lasting wooden windows and shutters.

Accoya wood is well known for its durability and resistance to rot. It is also naturally insulating, easier to coat and lasts longer than alternative wood types, both above and below ground. In Bermuda’s climate, Accoya is a fantastic option to consider.

In total we built seven windows and ten shutters in various sizes. While both push-out and side-hung shutters were made, the client chose a higher proportion of push-out shutters owing to the amount of shade and privacy it offered for specific spaces in the home. We have observed over time that when picking a shutter type, the first criteria is normally aesthetic. Beyond what looks better, the amount of shade/light and openness/privacy a shutter provides is a secondary concern.

Once the shutters and windows were built, we then had to spray finish both and install the glass panes into the window sashes. The client decided to use low emissivity (Low-E) glass for the windows in order to keep the interior cool and reduce any sun bleaching on interior furniture. It is a more expensive option than the standard laminate glass, however Low-E glass can be justified if you are trying to prevent harmful UV and Infrared rays from entering your space and penetrating furniture and dressings.

Lastly, we used the ‘Klima’ Waterborne paint finish for both the windows and shutters. More recently, mainly due to environmentally-friendly public policies, waterborne paints are being utilized more than strictly oil-based finishes. Waterborne paints combine the best qualities of oil-based and water-based paints, so we utilize it as our standard paint finish for our Accoya products.

In the end, the client sought quality and longevity of product. Their choice of shutter for specific windows and locations of the home validated their attention to detail, and we really enjoy working with individuals that are looking for the best option possible.