Meet Our Staff…Teofilo

Meet Our Staff…Teofilo

What is your job title?

Carpenter & Cabinet Maker

What do you do at BS&R?

Anything I am asked to! Mainly milling, joining, and assembly.

What is your background?

I started my apprenticeship for a Woodworking firm in the Azores at 12 years old. By 16 I was already well experienced and was allowed to work unsupervised.

What is your favorite thing/part about this job?

I feel very relaxed when I build things out of wood. I also find the smell of wood very therapeutic so I guess I am in the right profession!

How long have you worked at BS&R?  9 Months

How long have you worked in this industry? 33 Years

What would you say your specialty is?

Truthfully I do not consider myself a specialist in any particular aspect of woodworking, however I have yet to encounter a project or task that I was unable to accomplish using my learned skills.

What made you want to work at BS&R?

I have a young family and a mortgage! I also had the privilege of being recruited by BS&R. They tell me they have high standards for the carpenters, so I knew right away that I was going to work for a company that would challenge and reward my skills.

What is your favorite part about BS&R during your short time there?

I must admit I was nervous to start working there without knowing who my colleagues were. Most days are spent working full days in close proximity, so my favorite thing these last 9 months has been the feeling of being adopted into a workplace family. It has made the transition to a new country that much easier.

Any other relevant or interesting info….

I am the President of my Parish Philharmonic. I really enjoy music, and like to play the drums. I’m also involved in the local church back home, and help with our municipal festivals.  Although my region is well populated, I live in the smallest regional Parish – Agua Retorta – we have a population of approx. 500 people!