Our Top Gifts for 2017

Our Top Gifts for 2017

Christmas has come and gone, however there are several gift giving holidays during the year that may warrant some thought well in advance.

We had a great time working with clients to either produce a unique piece of furniture, or to restore an existing one prior to the Christmas holiday. In preparation for 2017, here are our suggestions for carpentry-related gifts you may want to consider for your loved one:

1. Restore an old piece:
Antiques can carry a lot of meaning for their owners but over time they can get a little worn and forgotten (the antiques that is!). To take a piece and restore it back to it’s original glory can be a gift that is not only beautiful and thoughtful but one full of memories. We are experts at antique restorations and there is nothing better than the beauty and craftsmanship that goes into an antique. We love bringing that back for someone and couldn’t think of a better gift.

2. Give them an outdoor area to be proud of:
Have a grill master in the family? Or someone with a green thumb? We can help build them an outdoor area, from something as small as an island or bar area to a complete outdoor kitchen with counter space and cabinets.  Give them a space to entertain, create, plant, or cook.

3. Create something custom for a loved one:
Building something custom means building something one of a kind. The world is your oyster on this one, but this is something special you can give someone just for them. Is it a bookcase or a unique coffee table? A cozy chair or beautiful jewelry or cigar box? Maybe a bath caddy? Bring us your ideas or designs and we can help execute a memorable custom piece.

4. Bring back memories that have been lost:
Much like restorations, antique reproductions can be very sentimental. What makes a reproduction special is it brings back something that was once thought lost. Imagine returning to a loved one a piece they had during childhood or was given to them by their mother. While it may not the exact piece, it will still have meaning. Antique reproductions are built historically accurate right down to the tools, techniques and products used on them.

5. Give someone the “Throne of Summer” this winter:
Imagine your family’s response when they find a beautiful Adirondack chair under the tree. But nothing says relaxation in the sun more than these iconic chairs. With a climate like ours these are staples here on the island. So if you’re loved one doesn’t have one, this is the perfect gift this year.