Antique Reproductions: Why & How

Antique Reproductions: Why & How

The traditional craftsmanship of the past appears to be a disappearing art, although we at BS&R are lucky to still provide reproduction and restoration services via our Bermuda Antique Restorations division.

Bermuda has rich culture of furniture, and many of us have pieces that have been passed down from generation to generation. The downside of inheriting these heirlooms is the responsibility to maintain them!

For the most part we are able to restore antiques and bring them back to life, however for some they are either too far gone or lost forever. That is why we have our Antiques Reproduction services as part of our Antique Division.

Reproductions are almost trickier than a restoration. In a restoration we have something to go from and the bare bones to bring a piece back to life. For a reproduction we have to start from scratch

The same ‘old world’ techniques used in restoration are applied to build our reproduction furniture. We ensure that pieces look and feel exactly like an original. In fact, these pieces are historically accurate— from form and proportion, down to the joints, glue and hand tools used. We also offer the rare art of veneer, inlay, marquetry, and parquetry.

Additionally, we provide our customers with experienced design assistance and CAD concept drawings to make sure that their vision is realized before we start to cut wood. Coupling old-world techniques with modern day technology allows for every project to be managed with great success.

So don’t fret if a antique of yours has gone missing, or is past repair. Consider a reproduction to replace that cherished item and continue passing down a historical piece through generations.