Furniture Restoration

Families in Bermuda tend to inherit and/or obtain high quality pieces of furniture. Blanket chests, corner cabinets, dining sets, and bed frames are all examples of furniture heirlooms. One never quite owns but rather assumes custodianship of antique furniture. An extension of that custodianship Is the responsibility to keep your pieces in good condition by preventing sun-bleaching, using appropriate cleaning supplies, and restoring them when required.

Restoration, especially of an antique, should be undertaken by a trained professional. Correct techniques must be utilized to preserve both the historical and financial value of the item. Specific finishes require specialized techniques. Are you unsure as to whether something is worth restoring or not? Call us to book a free site visit in order to find out!

Bermuda Cedar Chest Restoration

Outdoor Wooden Bench Restoration

Tilt-Top Dining Table Restoration

Antique Drum Table Restoration

Antique Bermuda Cedar Chest Restoration

Antique Games Table Restoration

Antique Privacy Screen Restoration

Antique Grandfather Clock Casing Restoration

Antique Snooker Table Restoration