Building the Perfect Deck

Building the Perfect Deck

With winter in our rearview mirror and spring up ahead we’re all looking to the outdoors as a place to relax and enjoy.

With that in mind we’re thinking all about decks. Bermuda offers an amazing backdrop and climate for us to use our outdoor areas all year round. Which means our patios and decks need to be areas that not only are beautiful but multi purposed.

We’ve taken on a lot of deck projects over the years and there are a number of factors that are involved when deciding and implementing the perfect deck. Things like style, space, size, and materials all are factors in the perfect deck.

Whether it’s an older house or you’re just building, it’s important to choose a style that suits your house and personal taste. Think about how your rooms flow and keep this idea throughout your plans. Most decks will be composed of a variety of spaces to accommodate various activities. How these spaces are designed and creatively organized will determine the spatial layout of your deck.

The Space:
Sometimes it is difficult to look at a deck plan on paper and understand exactly how it will look and feel in real space. Make sure to lay it out on location to get an idea of the size and shape of the design. Does it feel proportional? Will it be functional? Visualize how the space will be used and determine if there is enough space to move freely.

As Bermuda tends to be a bit more hilly, determining if you need a raised, dropped or multi levelled deck can make all the difference in the design.

The Size:
Many people make the mistake of creating a deck design that is too large to fit the scale of their house. What activities will you do doing on the deck? Does it need to work with a pool or other outdoor area? These factors will help in determining how big or small your deck should be.

Big doesn’t always mean better. There are many ways to make a space multi functional without having to take up a large space. An intelligent aesthetically pleasing design will give you more bang for your buck.

The type of deck flooring and materials you choose makes a big impact on the overall design. Besides the look and feel of a material, you should also chose the material based on budget, quality, and maintenance.

Ipe is the most popular exotic hardwood decking due to its hardness, durability, and availability. It has the bending strength of steal and will be naturally resistant for 30 years and more. Cumaru, African Redwood, and Tiger Wood are substitute exotic hardwoods that offer comparable quality with their own aesthetic. Accoya is our treated wood option as it is guaranteed for 50 years uncoated. Not matter what your decking choice is we will always build it with an accoya sub-frame and 316 stainless fasteners.

Maintenance of your deck is something that you should be aware of. Maintenance, staining, and worrying is only needed when using standard budget choices such as spruce or pitch pine. Going for the more expensive exotic hardwood decking, like the accoya brand we carry, will pay off in the long run. They don’t need staining or sealing for weatherproofing and can be left to weather grey and all last 25 years or more.

Installation of these materials is also key. Proper installation with ensure your deck doesn’t cup water or warp over the long run. Using end grain sealants and finally caulking between the deck board and the frame will prevent splitting and water being trapped.

Introducing built in features such as planter boxes, benches, fire pits, and outdoor kitchens are a great way to improve any outdoor living space. Choose features that compliment your lifestyle. A built in stainless steel grill with a bar area can be the perfect feature for entertaining. Custom deck furniture can enhance your design and make your deck one of a kind.

When building the perfect deck factors such as these go a long way in creating a space that you’ll love for years to come. If you’re catching spring fever take the time, plan it out, and ask professionals what can be done to make your deck perfect for you.