Built Just for You: Give Yourself Something Truly Original

Built Just for You: Give Yourself Something Truly Original

What truly makes a home is creating a space you feel comfortable in. Comfort comes from having a home that is functional, beautiful and fits your needs. Most put up with pieces and furniture that they can find, but to have a piece that truly suits your needs custom is the way to go.

We talk a lot about the various custom projects we’ve done and are proud of the creative and beautiful outcomes. Our custom carpentry division is always up to the task of creating a piece that is uniquely made for a client.

But why choose a custom piece over something store bought? Well naturally you get something build just for you but there a number of benefits from choosing a custom piece over manufactured.

Firstly many people turn to custom design because either they have a particular need to fill or they have a space that’s oddly proportioned and want to turn design lemons into lemonade.

Another main reason for choosing custom is you have the opportunity for any input into its style or design. Throughout the process you have full control over the design, layout and can select everything that goes into it. Which means you have a way to control what your piece is made of.

In creating a custom piece you have the opportunity to incorporate green materials into the design and construction of your piece, which provide greater comfort and livability for your family as well as allows you to be a more responsible member of your environmental community.

Finally custom furniture has a reputation for being too expensive. When you consider the value of custom pieces this is not necessarily the case. When you compare custom to a mass-produced piece the quality of the materials and construction is much lower. More time and care is put into the fabrication of a custom piece.

Investing in a higher quality product will give you a better bang for your buck in the long run. Your furniture will stand the test of time, the quality being better suited to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life.

So work with a professional when thinking of creating a custom piece that has never been built before. We suggest collecting inspirational images and share them with your builders and designers. Having these is an excellent way of sharing abstract concepts and ideas to others. We work closely with clients and designers when creating these pieces and having visual concepts help us see what our clients are looking for in a final piece.

It’s not unusual to go through a few revisions before finding exactly the right size, materials and techniques to get it done. We love the challenge of figuring out how something can be built, how to make it better, and how to make it beautiful and one of a kind. To us, that is why you choose custom and why our custom carpentry division is one of our favorites to work in.