Furniture Is Like Fashion – Make it Unique

Furniture Is Like Fashion – Make it Unique

Personalization, sense of style, designed to fit. What’s a custom furniture piece without your own taste and detail?

It’s the bells & whistles that make a piece truly yours and truly special. We love to go the extra mile to help create furniture and features that are beautiful and unique.

Within all of our divisions our first thought is what products, wood and other elements are going into a project. The final outcome needs to be something that is not only visually stunning, but also practical longevity. Like a nice blazer or dress; it’s style and comfort.

Let’s take you through the ‘tailoring’ process: As usual, wood is main ’fabric’.

Our craftsmen identify any loose grain, unstable knots, sap wood (which is most susceptible to rot), grain patterns and density. By carefully choosing the sections of raw wood appropriate for the product and without problem areas, we are able to conceal joints for a seamless product and ensure its stability and long life.

We then use only top of the line sealants, finishes, hardware, glazes and woods to produce our products. Sounds too ‘Milan’, doesn’t it? Nevertheless, these crucial quality elements not only finish a product beautifully, but also give it durability, dimension and personality.

Moisture prevention and weather protection is crucial. Nobody buys a non-waterproof raincoat, do they? We use high quality polypropylene and foam weather seals on all of our exterior millwork to create watertight seals that are essential for Bermuda’s climate. A non-textured liquid asphalt is also used for damp proofing exterior masonry surfaces such as windows and doors.

The wood finish is another element that makes a piece truly unique. Think of it as your trouser or dress color; shades are highly distinguishable. We use an array of finishes to ensure that the right coating, appropriate for the item, is applied. Urethane, conversion varnish, lacquer, spar varnish, solvents and water based paints are just some of the products we employ to get a quality finish. Custom faux-finishes and color matching are also used to help bring your piece to life and complement your home’s overall aesthetic.

The final touch is all about the hardware. The buttons, even zippers for sake of comparison. We source hardware for any application including: entrance and interior doors, sliding sash and casement windows, antique reproduction furniture, cabinets and shutters. We can even install keyless entry systems and multi-point locking systems. Using hardware from quality materials will make your item functional and rigid throughout its life span.

So what details do you want in a project? How would you like to present yourself? How long do you want your custom piece to last? Does the jacket or dress fit well? What elements do you love, and want to utilize in your next projects? Whether you’ve come to us for a simple stripping & refinishing job or a full out custom carpentry project we’re going to help you with all the bells & whistles; the buttons and zippers, and ensure your piece is truly special.