How it All Began…Our BS&R Love Story

How it All Began…Our BS&R Love Story

With February coming to a close and Valentine’s Day behind us we can’t help but share our own love story. We truly love our business and what we do, and enjoy reminiscing about how we fell in love with carpentry.

We didn’t start with the idea of becoming a world class antiques restoration company or even a custom carpentry shop. In 1976 brothers Tony and John Maderios purchased a small local stripping company and founded BS&R.

Originally set up for architectural millwork and metal work, BS&R soon expanded into stripping & refinishing high-end furniture. We quickly realized the potential for BS&R and our passion for restoring furniture into something beautiful. The craftsmanship, technique and attention to detail that goes into this type of work really drove into us the desire to produce work that was not only quality but also would set the standard in Bermuda.

After years of establishing a reputation for excellence in what we do we swiftly branched out into a full carpentry restorations shop and divided into what are now our three main divisions: Bda Antique Restorations, Bda Stripping & Refinishing and T-Made Custom Carpentry.

With the younger Anthony Madeiros, Tony’s son, joining BS&R group 7 years ago, he knows first hand how it is to work with his family and where they see themselves expanding, “Each person has their own view of how to grow the company. The good side of it is that the conversation always revolves around improvement so whatever the outcome is it will be better than where it started from.”

The company has always been dedicated to high standards of quality ensuring that our clients receive the very best products.

“Even though I went to school for economics and marketing I never saw myself with an office job. There was always something about being able to create something unique or advancing a standard product like a window or door into something that worked better that had me at hello. Being able to develop something from nothing and using creativity is way more rewarding mentally for me”, explains Anthony.

We continue to develop our techniques, products and services, and with the intimate knowledge of Bermuda’s unique climate and architecture, we’re proud to now offer the highest quality shutters, doors, windows, cabinets, staircases, antique restoration, and stripping and refinishing services to be found island-wide.

Moving forward, we have started reducing our carbon footprint and working with suppliers, such as Accoya, that can offer more sustainable and innovative materials. We have also been able to work closely with a number of top designers and architects to increase a design’s capabilities through innovative technology and products while still preserving the traditional craftsmanship skills that have served generations of families.

We hope our love story continues for more years to come. BS&R is not only our business but also the heart of our family and we can’t wait to see how we’ll grow in the future.