How To: Fall in Love with Your Wood

How To: Fall in Love with Your Wood

A happy home is a happy life. Enjoying your furniture and loving the various pieces in your home is a big part of loving your home. There are many reasons to love using wood over other materials. Here are four reasons to fall in love with wood again….

It’s timeless: The feel of wood furniture has been a tradition since the beginning of time. Banisters, staircases, floors, beams, chairs, cabinets, decks…wood is everywhere in, around, and throughout our lives. No one ever gets tired of it. Using wood enables a mix of materials in your home to create depth and warmth across different features and styles.

It Adds Warmth: It’s hard to resist the warmth, texture and authenticity of wood. Regardless of the type or color of your wooden pieces, be it dark or light, they create a space that is warm and inviting. The richness of wood gives our homes’ interiors a feeling of comfort and joy.

It’s Durable: When most people hear the word “durability” in relation to wood, they immediately think of its ability to withstand dents and scrapes. However it does so much more. It’s able to resist heat, frost, pollution and elemental and natural forces of decay. When properly looked after it can last hundreds of years. What’s more modern wood preservatives can now enhance natural durability.

It’s beautiful: Many people see a raw wooden as unfinished. That’s not necessarily the case. Wood is beautiful naturally and there are many cases where it’s better to leave it than paint. When it comes to wood color, luster, texture, grain, and figure all come into play for a species’ visual appeal. And it’s one or more of these characteristics that put a high value on the type of wood used for decorative purposes. And what makes it better is wood, blended with other materials, makes them more beautiful and useful.

So choose wood and fall in love with your home all over again.