Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane Shutters

Shutters are a Bermudian institution and are such for a number of reasons. They are usually used for light control, privacy and protection from the elements and much more. For us they are the cornerstone of our T-Made Custom Carpentry division.

With the ability to manage a project from raw materials, through to the coatings process and installation our shutters are pieces that not only will last but also are beautiful and ascetically pleasing.

Shutters have a much greater importance in Bermuda than most places. Besides a design choice our shutters, come summer, play an important role in protection during hurricanes.

The obviousness of why you would use shutters during a hurricane is clear: to protect your windows and home from the weather, debris, and damage. However there are some things you can do to make your hurricane shutters better prepared to take on the onslaught…..

1. Pick your Louvres:
Whether you have shutters that hinge from the side or from the top it is necessary to choose your type of slats. We offer a 1 ¾” wide slat shutter that is a standard look or we offer 3” wide slat shutter with a bead detail around each louver panel. The 3” louver is stronger than the 1 ¾” louver. All of our products are custom designed so you have control over what you put in your home.

2. Oil dem things!
Depending on the application and the construction of the window frame all shutters are attached in some way to allow them to open and close. Make sure to check in on or replace the hardware, be it hinges or tracks, and spray them to ensure smooth transitions. Instead of wd40 a better exterior lubricant that sticks is Corrosion X. Nothing is worse than trying to close a jammed shutter when a hurricane is pouring outside.

3. Get Hardwood:
Certain hardwoods that are currently used for exterior shutters have grain that actually breathes out moisture making them resistant to rot and decay, and far more durable than a softer wood like pine. Because of the tannin in these woods they are also not prone to problems from insects. We strongly recommend using accoya for shutters. Accoya treatment process also hardens the wood so that it is not a soft wood. Western red cedar is a good wood for shutters and was the standard for years. We still offer this as a less expensive option for shutters.

4. Go the distance:
Cleaning and sealing any outdoor wood is paramount for it’s durability and lifespan.Prior to assembly, products are sealed with the appropriate coatings so that when a window, door or shutter is assembled all of the wood grain is sealed in order to prevent rot. All of our exterior products are installed with weather seals so they keep your home as weatherproofed as possible for Bermuda’s climate.

5. Step away from traditional:
Shutters have traditionally been constructed from solid woods that have proven to endure outside elements however new treated woods, like Accoya, offer advantages such as resistance to twisting, splitting and rotting.

It only takes one hurricane to destroy your property. Protect the openings in your home and prepare your shutters for the onslaught. Are you ready?