Meet Our Office Manager Craig!

Meet Our Office Manager Craig!

We have a lot of staff working here at BS&R Group and appreciate all they do. One of these people is our Office Manager Craig Clark.

Craig is vital to the running of BS&R. After two years with us we couldn’t imagine not having him around.

What do you do at BS&R?
I manage a lot of things within the office. My main task is to run the office, which entails a lot of different things from ordering stock to shipment logistics to dealing with HR issues to paying bills, doing the banking, and a lot of bookkeeping. As I also have a background in IT I also take care of the server and computers in the office.

What’s your background?
Before I got into this industry I was involved in the technology industry specifically IT. Having been a manager for over 20 years in tech companies, I have worked for Bermuda Broadcasting, then Applied Computer Technologies (ACT) and most recently Computer City before coming to BS&R.

What is your favorite thing about this job?
There are a lot of factors that I love about this job. It’s the industry that I find fascinating. Seeing a beat up but historically significant piece of furniture come in and be lovingly refinished/restored to a work of art is amazing to watch and take part in.

Which is your favorite division?
I definitely have some favorite divisions I enjoy taking part in. Besides the Antique Restoration division, I love the T-Made Custom Carpentry division. Both have furniture and pieces that in the end become something truly beautiful be it something restored or created from scratch.

Why are you passionate about this industry?
My grandfather was a cabinetmaker for 40 years and my dad managed a hardware store. So from a young age I was exposed to a variety of tools and furniture making, and saw what could be created from a raw piece of timber. In high school I took woodworking courses, and created a number of pieces of furniture. Later on I had my own woodworking tools and built many different pieces for use around the house. It was my hobby, and it was a way of relaxing from my often-intense daytime career working with technology.

Fun Facts:
I love the gym especially spinning and spend a lot of time there. I also enjoy photography and learning/using new computer technologies.