Maintaining paint on metal is a challenge in Bermuda’ climate, and when metalwork needs to be stripped the chemical process is not only time consuming, but dangerous!

Using proper safety equipment and techniques in our stripping workshop we’re able to bring any metal piece back to life and looking brand new.

At our workshop we are able to dip your metal items into our vat tanks and remove the paint or powder coating. Once the coating is removed, the metal items are dipped in our corrosion-stripping chemicals.

This process ensures that the new coating will be able to adhere to bare metal, extending the life of the final finish.

After the stripping process is complete we prepare the surface and apply a fine spray gun finish. An electro static spray system, (along with other techniques), and top of the line materials are used by our refinishing craftsmen to ensure a smooth, high-quality finish.

Our metal stripping and refinishing services are fast and efficient — most items can be treated for less than the expense of buying a new product!