Antique Games Table Restoration

“If you don’t want to commit to having it restored, we’ll happily acquire it from you.” This sentiment was bluntly stated to our client the day they brought this Antique Games Table into our showroom. Very rarely do we collectively gush of a piece of furniture, however this piece warranted it. Originally built in the […]

Accoya Wood Railing Preferred to Metal

After noticing a few structural concerns with their existing metal railing, this homeowner decided that wood was best replacement option. Not only does wood compliment the natural elements both on and surrounding this property, any required future repairs will be much less invasive when compared to metal. Hand-shaped limestone pillars dividing each railing made demolition […]

Revisiting a One-of-a-kind Piece and Person

This coming May will mark the 3rd anniversary of our community losing former Premier Dr. David Saul. In addition to Dr. Saul’s extraordinary career as an educator, politician, athlete, and businessman; he was also a keen wood hobbyist. One of the projects we completed for Dr. Saul was a mahogany display case designed to showcase […]

Antique Writing Desk Restoration

Working from home never looked so good. Our client was thrilled to have acquired this antique writing desk at a local sale but understood that it was long overdue for a cosmetic upgrade. The original cherry leather top needed replacing, and the wood grain was dry and required reviving. A new Avocado green leather top […]

Crown & Anchor Restaurant at the Bermuda Hamilton Princess

Spanish Cedar Ceiling Boards and Roller Screen Covers were recently installed to further enhance the outdoor dining product at the Bermuda Hamilton Princess. The ‘Crown & Anchor’ is a very popular lobby bar and restaurant, and soon you can also enjoy their menu under a covered seating area. D&J Construction were the primary Contractors for […]

“I Hadn’t Noticed That Before”

Weeks at home isolated due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has provided enough time to notice every detail of our properties, for better or for worse. Some required improvements like caulking and paint touch-ups can be attempted by the most novice of us, however if you have noticed severe cases of wood rot, metal corrosion, […]

A True Treasure

If you are looking for a gift that will last a lifetime, look no further. Price available upon request. Bermuda Cedar Hope Chest on Frame with Queen Anne Legs and Hand-cut Dovetail Joints. Two were hand-made, only one is for sale.

What Will the Next Decade Bring?

Times were very different at the start of this decade. In 2010 Bermuda was feeling the effects of the global economic recession, and property owners were reluctant to invest in improvement projects. There were days back then when despite our best attempts to maintain productivity, our employees had to reluctantly knock off earlier than desired. […]

WINSOR HOUSE – Celebrating the late Mr. Ross Perot’s Bermuda Legacy

Bermuda lost one of its high-profile residents in 2019. Mr. Ross Perot, an enormously successful and distinguished businessman, philanthropist, and politician, passed away in July at the age of 89. During his residency in Bermuda Mr. Perot invested in the local property market and was responsible for hundreds of jobs created. Mr. Perot’s most recent […]