Project Feature: The Historical Cabinet Building

Project Feature: The Historical Cabinet Building

Earlier this year we completed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to restore part of a historically-listed Government property, the Cabinet Building.

Work began immediately in mid-October 2015 once BS&R were awarded the contract after a formal, competitive tendering process. We were hired to replace 38 window frames and sashes on the Cabinet building, literally every opening on the building.  Most of the existing windows and frames were rotten and in generally poor condition, so it did not make economic sense to repair them. Shutters were not required for this project as none had previously existed on the building.

The windows were built entirely in Bermuda, from milling to assembly to installation. Everything was made using Accoya wood. The windows were spray finished white using a five coat waterborne paint system, and we guaranteed the paint finish for 6-8 years; double the industry standard.

As this is a unique building, naturally the windows were unique as well. There were three distinct sized windows. The largest measured 50½”x 96”, and the smallest was 16½” x 45”. The large windows required us to install the frames separately on-site to minimize the weight load that had to be carried by our employees.

The entire window schedule fabrication took until April of 2016 to complete. The Ministry of Public Works was simultaneously undertaking internal building renovations, so once they completed we began installing the window frames and sashes. This installation took approximately one month to complete in early 2017.

We were very happy to be chosen for this public project and enjoyed working with the Ministry of Public Works to complete the building’s renovation. Next time you are on Front Street in Hamilton, have a look at the upgrade for yourself!