Project of the Month: Perfect Collaboration

Project of the Month: Perfect Collaboration

One of our most unique projects in the recent past relates to windows on a residential home in Tuckers Town.

Working with architecture & design firm OBMI the window design was a unique take on the original Bermudian shutters. Designed by Colin Campbell, we were excited to take on this design and make it into a reality.

The window was designed to achieve a number of purposes. The first was to allow shutters to push out while also providing a view out without limiting sight. We also needed to make sure to accommodate a window with a distinctive sash pair proportion (2/3 height of the bottom sash and 1/3 height of the top sash). Finally we wanted to ensure functionality while also being traditional in style.


The project was achieved by creating a pair of push out shutters. One that folded down and one stayed up with traditional push out rods. These rods had to mounted in a way that allowed them to be opened from the inside but also be clipped on the frame instead of the sill while keeping the slats at level (flat therefore see through).

Special stainless steal spring wall hooks were sourced to hold the push out rods on the frame, while the rods were fabricated to custom length out of stainless steal. The bottom shutters received two stainless steal ever bolts for security, strength, durability and ease of use.


Made out of ‘genuine South American mahogany’ the windows and shutters were made to be long lasting. This type of mahogany is perfect for exterior use and better than the commonly used sapele which is not as durable. The shutter thickness was also increased to 1 1/4″ for better impact capabilities.

We finished the project with a top of the line waterborne paint system from ‘Klima’ that involved a multi-coating process: The first coat with an impregnator that works as a fungicide to battle potential decay, secondly two coats of high solids polyurethane to create a durable seal for final adhesion, and finally two coats of waterborne topcoat paint to withstand the elements and stretch with wood movement. This ensures the finish will last longer than any best oil based paints.

We were very pleased with the final outcome of the window project and happy to aid in the fabrication and completion of OBMI’s original design. We think the windows work seamlessly in with the rest of the house as well as any of the other projects done throughout the property.