Stepping Above, But Not Away from the Norm

Stepping Above, But Not Away from the Norm

One of the most common building features we are asked to fabricate are windows and shutters. In Bermuda we are blessed with numerous historical buildings with beautiful window and shutter designs. If windows could talk, most of them would have wonderful stories of previous occupants, and tales of withstanding multiple gusts and storms. Time, however, reveals all secrets, and those aged windows and shutters begin to slowly degrade each ticking minute.

Fortunately for building owners they can retain the same aesthetical function of historical building designs while integrating contemporary features. New technologies allow us to ensure structural integrity and incorporate energy efficient and UV resistant features.

Yes, a window is still a window and shutters are still similar in looks. What we’re talking about are the details: The wood type, the hardware mechanisms, and the design of panels and panes.

One of the biggest factors that has changed the way we build windows and shutters is the use of ‘Accoya’ lumber. Shutters have traditionally been constructed from solid woods proven to endure outside elements; however new treated woods, like Accoya, offer advantages such as resistance to twisting, splitting and rotting. In Bermuda this is even more beneficial as Accoya wood is ideal for restoration projects, hence why it was the wood of choice when replacing many of the aged windows in Dockyard, Bermuda.

Once you’ve made the decision to replace or renovate your windows and shutters, ask us for guidance on your options. Don’t neglect the importance of ensuring longevity and quality. Let us help create something practical…and beautiful; a part of your life that you’ll love for years to come.