Custom Carpentry

At the heart of the BS&R Group is the Custom Carpentry division that offers custom architectural millwork and cabinet-making. With the ability to manage a project from raw materials, through to the coatings process and installation, we set the standard in Bermuda for windows, shutters, doors, cabinetry, staircases, mantels, paneling, moldings and much, much more.

The best joinery, raw materials and complementary products are used in conjunction with superior hardware, custom tooling and a stringent wood selection process.

We hand-make custom millwork that is durable, functional and visually stunning.

Because the same attention in fabrication is used in all interior products — wood selection, joinery techniques, sealants and hardware — they are as robust as a front door!

Contact us or stop by to arrange a free estimate. See our Bells & Whistles page for sealants, finishes and much more!

Using properly acclimatized wood to prevent warping, products are made with the strongest joinery techniques such as mortise and tenon, and dovetail. Prior to assembly, products are sealed with the appropriate coatings so that when a window, door or shutter is assembled all of the wood grain is sealed in order to prevent rot.

All of our exterior products are installed with weather seals for keeping your home as weatherproofed as possible for Bermuda’s climate. Because we do not cut corners at any stage of fabrication or installation, our doors, windows and shutters do not leak, squeak, rattle or stick.

Aesthetically our products are impressive. They are custom designed using the best cuts of wood, optimal solid brass or stainless steel hardware, and finished to your taste and style.