What’s Going on Tiago?

What’s Going on Tiago?

It’s been four years since Tiago joined BS&R as our Sales & Marketing Manager. We finally got around to asking him what keeps him here!

Q: Four years has come and gone quite quickly.
Which moments stand out to you?

A: The time I was asked to lend a hand on a four-storey scaffolding with a terrible fear of heights is one moment I try to forget. Besides that, I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting the properties we have serviced and establishing some wonderful relationships with the property owners. Some have even invited me back in a personal capacity, so the friendships established through work have been an unexpected bonus.

Q: What has been the most difficult part of the job to date?
A: On the rare occasion when a client expresses dissatisfaction it has been hard not taking work home. We are in the service industry so our ultimate goal, albeit unrealistic, is 100% customer satisfaction. Folk work hard for their money so it’s up to us to ensure they receive the best value for it.

Q: BS&R Group Ltd. is a family-owned small business, so what is that dynamic like?
A: I’ve known Anthony since high-school but I had no idea he had such a vast knowledge of woodworking until I started working here. His portfolio of projects managed at his age is quite remarkable, and his ability to forward plan is admirable. Now that he is a father he has a lot to look forward to, and that includes keeping the family business running efficiently and profitable for future generations. Anthony’s father Tony is a walking library. I thought he was a bit crazy when I first started and he said things like “antiques speak to you” but now I know that he is right, they do. I hope to have half of Tony’s energy when I reach his age, he doesn’t know the meaning of retirement and selfishly I hope he stays on for the foreseeable future because his knowledge and experience is irreplaceable. Together they have added incentive to keep the business operating well, it’s beyond profit for them; it’s about a healthy and thriving family.

Q: Which part of the business do you favor? The architectural millwork or the furniture division?
A: I appreciate the functional purpose of the architectural millwork; wooden features on Bermuda homes add charm and warmth. Shutters – for example – not only enhance aesthetic, they protect our homes and loved ones during storms.

But…there is nothing quite like the patina on a 100+ year old Bermuda Cedar Chest. The storytelling that accompanies the restoration of an antique is a sentiment I was not expecting when I joined. The way some people speak about their furniture, the tales they share of growing up in their family home with particular items that they associate with now deceased ancestors, there is an element of emotion that a pergola or deck very rarely replicates. Now when I look at a piece of antique furniture I use my imagination to think of all the lives and hands that have touched it, and now I also claim that they speak to me!

Q: So, what is next for you at BS&R?
A: Despite being in business for 45 years we can’t assume that everyone knows what we do. It’s important to continue marketing our services to new and even existing clients. Some people we have restored furniture for didn’t know we also built windows and doors, and vice versa. I also want more people walking into our Showroom and viewing our facilities, it’s a very unique space in Bermuda. We have a few exciting initiatives planned in the short term so I’m confident that more people will seek out our expertise.