There are many areas of the home that incorporate wood. Especially in Bermudian houses wood is prevalent almost everywhere. That is way it’s necessary to keep your wooden pieces looking their best and make sure those pieces that aren’t are stripped & refinished to look like new again.

Mechanical stripping methods, such as scraping and sanding, damage wood and can irreparably harm their vulnerable surfaces. Our chemical stripping process preserves the profiles of woodwork and does not injure the wood in any way.

Once stripped, a wood product is quickly, yet effectively, refinished. The stains we employ for the refinishing process are concentrated base colors that can be diluted and mixed to achieve an exact color match. 

Clients can bring in a piece of furniture or wood sample for a color match, or we can produce a number of samples to choose from.

After an item is stripped, prepped and stained, we then apply a fine spray gun finish with multiple equipment options. We only use top of the line products with an array of options such as lacquers, urethanes, varnishes, shellac, water and oil based paints to ensure you get the right finish for your piece. And if a clear finish is applied, it can then be polished to anything from high gloss to the hand rubber look that furniture is known for.

In addition, we offer unique decorative faux finishes such as glazing, crackling, imitation wood grain and much more! With so many combinations of finish options — the possibilities are endless!

What would take days or weeks by hand can be done efficiently in a day in our stripping workshop using dip tanks and hand application techniques.