Types of Decks

(*photo provided by Accoya® wood) The type of deck area you have can be due to a number of reasons; from space and shape of your property to the plain of land you have, to your personal preference. So take time to close your eyes and envision how you want your space to be. If your […]

Bringing it All Together

We love when a beautiful piece comes together. The striking wood, the smooth pieces, the sturdy build, and the stunning aesthetics all bring a piece to life. The art of joinery is what makes a project into a completed piece. With so many ways to put together wood this is a true art form in […]

Accoya Celebrates a Decade of Durability

World-leading Modified Wood Stands the Test of Time World’s first Accoya-clad home in Glenrothes, Fife, celebrates its 10-year anniversary with minimal maintenance required TRADA Report shows positive test rig results of 10-year uninterrupted exposure to natural weathering Accoya proven to have unmatched resilience, durability and low maintenance Click here to view the video Accoya, the world-leading modified […]