Types of Decks

Types of Decks

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The type of deck area you have can be due to a number of reasons; from space and shape of your property to the plain of land you have, to your personal preference. So take time to close your eyes and envision how you want your space to be. If your lot is large, your biggest decision will be where to place the deck. If the property is smaller, the yard is on a slope, or presents other challenges, you’ll need to get creative.

Attached Deck:

An attached deck is one of the most common decks you see. Slightly raised it’s common to attach a deck as a bridge to connect the exterior doors of an L or U shaped house.  This type of deck also provides additional living space between your multiple exterior doors making the deck even more usable.


A sunken deck is a popular choice in Bermuda. With many homes in Bermuda being one story a sunken deck is useful. You are able to create a beautiful outdoor space with even decking right outside your door. A sunken deck gives you easy transition between your outdoor living area and your lawn. This is also becoming very popular around pool areas.

Freestanding or Detached Patio:

This type is especially good for larger properties or those with attractive landscaping and gardens. If you desire a quiet retreat away from the noise and activity of the rest of the house, a freestanding makes a nice escape. Most are accessible via a garden path or walkway. Other additions include gazebos, roofs, water features, and furnishings.

Unlike a concrete patio, which has to be set on a smooth, even surface, a detached deck is much more adaptable and forgiving of areas with poor drainage or bumpy, rocky or uneven terrain because it can be built above whatever is going on below.

Multi Level:

A multi-level deck is the answer for a large property, or one that changes in elevation. Multi-levels are a series of decks on different elevations, often connected by steps or paths. The terrain often dictates the need for a multilevel deck: hills, slopes and rocky landscaping may not be able to accommodate anything other than a raised wooden deck.