Feature Project: From PVC To Wooden Shutters

Feature Project: From PVC To Wooden Shutters

Many of our recent projects have been custom window and shutter fabrication. We are happy that our reputation for excellent craftsmanship and service is still growing and that we set the standard for windows and shutters in Bermuda.

One recent project arose after initially meeting our client at the Coldwell Banker Home Show. After continuing the conversation, we coordinated a site visit, and finalized the proposed scope of work with the client.

Like many homes in Bermuda our client’s previous windows had reached the point in which they needed to be replaced. With our humidity, weather and ocean spray our wood tends to warp, rot, rust, and in general degenerate faster. When it comes time to replace windows and shutters many people are starting to be more selective in the materials they choose.

The client wanted an alternative to PVC and aluminum so we built their new shutters and windows out of wood. Using Accoya wood we built six new windows sashes with screens and thirteen shutters.  We’ve talked numerous times about the many benefits of Accoya, the biggest being its ability to last over 50 years above ground. Additionally it is rot-proof, doesn’t shrink or swell, and is perfect for coating.

The shutters we built varied in style (push-out, bi-fold, side-hung) due to the client’s preference for the specific window opening. For this particular home, push-out shutters were used to improve privacy while the bi-fold/side-hung shutters increased the amount of natural light entering the home.

We get asked a lot about the different types of shutters and when or why to use them. Shutter types, from our observations, are very much a personal preference. Some clients prioritize aesthetic; some are more concerned with functionality. For others, more/less exposure to natural light is their main concern. We can build any shutter type and can recommend location-specific solutions, but the client usually has a good idea of what they want to achieve with their selection.

One of the main types of shutters was built for a specific purpose for this client. The client’s largest window opening was changed from a casement window to a double-hung window in order to accommodate push-out shutters. This specific window opening faced a busy road, so the level of privacy has improved for them.

The fabrication and spray finishing process for building these new home additions did not differ significantly from previous projects. We were lucky to work with clients who knew what they wanted and made the process easy. From our initial meeting to a site inspection to measure and discuss the project we clicked immediately with the client and what they wanted. They had traditional tastes and we were happy to give them exactly what they wanted while also providing them with windows and shutters that will last a lifetime.