Renewing Your Metal

We often talk about how to care for your wood, however there are many other materials in your home that can also use some attention. Our shutters, patio furniture, tables, etc. can begin to look worn after a few years, particularly in a salty environment like Bermuda. Rust is also a threat, and there is […]

What is French Polishing?

French polishing is the furniture refinishing process of applying many thin coats of shellac dissolved in denatured alcohol using a lubricated rubbing pad. Take yourself back to the scene in The Karate Kid where Mr. Myagi asks Daniel Son to “shine the floors”. The Master uses this analogy to teach the student how to concentrate when guarding an attack. An Antique […]

Moisture Repellent Accoya Wood

Accoya® wood represents a major development in wood technology that has made the consistent supply of durable, dimensionally stable and reliable wood a reality. It has a long list of performance credentials, which have been extensively researched and repeatedly demonstrated. One of the many benefits of Accoya is durability and it’s ability to withstand moisture. […]