Renewing Your Metal

Renewing Your Metal

We often talk about how to care for your wood, however there are many other materials in your home that can also use some attention.

Our shutters, patio furniture, tables, etc. can begin to look worn after a few years, particularly in a salty environment like Bermuda. Rust is also a threat, and there is only so much covering we can get around to!

Instead of discarding and replacing your furniture, consider having it stripped and refinished here at BS&R. The cost to have your piece refinished is typically less than purchasing a new one, and when that particular piece was made to last or has sentimental value, consider renewing it. The other advantage of stripping and refinishing it is that you get choose a new color tone for it. Didn’t like that green metal chair in the lawn despite it being comfortable? Have it stripped and refinished another color!

The first step is to identify the problem. Go around your property and look for the warning signs. What has rust on it? Is anything flaking or corroding? Is it functioning properly? Can I clean the piece or should a professional work on it?

The next step is to choose if you’re going to strip and refinish the item or replace it. If it is the formal, there are two options: 1) Do it Yourself, or 2) Ask a Professional. We always encourage people to try the DIY route if they want a challenge, whether it be woodworking, finishing, or repairs. The caveat with stripping and refinishing yourself is that over-the-counter products are typically insufficient and the process can be very time-consuming. At BS&R we have the industrial equipment and chemicals, along with the experience and expertise to efficiently undertake the job.

The final step is to choose which finish you want. Once a piece of metal is stripped, we deoxidize it to avoid premature corrosion prior to spray finishing. It’s very important to us that we not only revive something, but that we extend its paint finish for as long as possible. The quality of our equipment and paint materials are the two most important factors in this process.

Ultimately it is up to you as to whether you want to keep something or not. Is it cheaper to replace it? Does it have any meaning? Should I have it stripped and refinished instead? If you need assistance with your decision making process, including pricing for our services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!