Modified Wood Sparks Cladding Resurgence

The idea of cladding buildings with wood is not a new one, but in recent years technological advancements have made it increasingly cost effective. Indeed, cladding external walls for warmth and protection from wind and rain has historically been a construction mainstay. The recurring issue with raw wood cladding has always been its susceptibility to […]

5 tips to show your wood furniture love and car

When you love something, you should protect and care for it. Homes with wood features and furniture are no different, so here are some tips to maintain your valued possessions. 1. Clean it! This seems like an obvious way to take care of your wood but one that can get overlooked when you’re busy.  Go […]

What We Love about Antiques

It’s not old, it’s an antique! Here are a few reasons why we appreciate working on antique furniture, and why they are an investment worth considering. Each piece is unique in it’s own way – Antiques are more than just furniture, they are pieces of art. They often vary from ornate to elegant, and all of […]