What We Love about Antiques

What We Love about Antiques

It’s not old, it’s an antique! Here are a few reasons why we appreciate working on antique furniture, and why they are an investment worth considering.

Each piece is unique in it’s own way – Antiques are more than just furniture, they are pieces of art. They often vary from ornate to elegant, and all of them have a specific character to them that is unmatched. What helps makes an antique unique are its details. Most pieces were hand-built and therefore no piece is exactly alike.

They have character & history to them – Antiques are generally at least 100 years old. They develop characteristics through usage and exposure to natural elements and for families who have possessed them for generations, memories typically associated with deceased loved ones. While we enjoy antique furniture for their detailed craftsmanship, their owners typically begin describing them by stating “It belonged to my…”. We help to preserve both the piece and the memories associated to it.

Provide challenges to restore or reproduce them – Despite decades of experience restoring antiques, the same challenges arise for each piece. Imagine being asked to restore a late 18th century Bermuda Cedar chest valued at $20,000. One must have knowledge of traditional craftsmanship to use the same techniques and materials in order to avoid compromising the historical details and monetary value.

Preserving old school techniques –Traditional craftsmanship may appear to be a dying art however we regularly deploy and refine our reproduction and restoration services via our Bermuda Antique Restorations Division. From French polishing to inlay and parquetry we take on each antique job and ensure it’s done right.

Antiques can be extremely sentimental and valuable. Keep them in good condition and when the time comes to restore them to former glory, pay us a visit to discuss your options for keeping them around for future generations.