A Building Full of Memories

A Building Full of Memories

We have spent a long time in our showroom and workshop and after 40 years it’s certainly accumulated a lot of memories for us. The shop is definitely something special. It’s brought us from a small stripping and finishing company into a full-fledged carpentry business.

Purchasing the building over 40 years ago we were lucky that it was originally a Millwork shop. Which was perfect for us as it gave us the start for our company. With the building set up the way it was we were better able to transform it to our needs and eventually grow.

After buying the Stripping and Furniture Refinishing business from a Mr. Jim Whitecross, we were fortunate to purchase the building from Mr. Jack Pitt who had previously acquired it as a warehouse space for Pitt& Company. From what we understand the building is at least 120 years old.

The original build space was much smaller than it is now, however looking back to our first large commercial contract and the impact it had on our ability to hire and grow as a business was an amazing moment for us. That’s a memory that has stuck with our founders over time.

There have been a few built additions over the past 40 years, and it hosted multiple businesses up until 20 years ago. Now it’s used exclusively for BS&R. Not only does our workshop, mill, and offices house here but also our showroom full of antiques and pieces ready for purchase.

We are certain there are many memories and stories our employees have working in a space like this for so many years. We are happy the building has such a special place in all our hearts and has taken us to new heights every year we are there.