Our Ode To Cedar

Our Ode To Cedar

Bermuda Cedar, also known as Juniperus bermudiana, is not only synonymous with local heritage; it is often credited with helping to sustain early human life in Bermuda owing to its prevalence in home construction and ship building. Also known for its aromatic properties, cedar has withstood the test of time despite becoming nearly extinct in Bermuda due to a devastating scale insect invasion.

Most homes we have visited in Bermuda have cedar components. Whether it’s a front door, shutters, ceiling beams, tables, chairs, chests; all the way down to cedar pens and keychains. Many families also pass their cedar furniture to the next generation, so the need to maintain cedar becomes that much more important.

Bermuda Cedar has particular properties that require periodical upkeep. When exposed outdoors, you need to ensure that your cedar is varnished at least once every six months in order to avoid discoloration and structural compromise. Cedar can also be prone to warping due to temperature conditions, particularly humidity; so taking care of your cedar can be as demanding as caring for your pets! Constant care and attention to say the least…

Don’t worry, there are numerous benefits as well. Cedar chests were historically very popular in Bermuda for clothing storage because of cedar’s natural anti-insect and aromatic properties. A more contemporary application of this trait can be seen in cedar-lined closets. Gone are your grandparents’ mothballs, replaced with cedar’s natural fresh scented, insect repealing, and mildew-resistant properties.

Here at BS&R we have quantities of Bermuda Cedar and Spanish Cedar available for any application you require.

Spanish Cedar is another popular choice to use as it is the most aromatic. Often the wood of choice for cigar boxes, Spanish Cedar is not technically a ‘true’ cedar, however shares similar texture and rot resistance properties as the Juniperus bermudiana. We suggest considering Spanish Cedar for outdoor applications such as pergolas, fences, gates, railings, and shutters. Spanish Cedar is also easier to maintain than Bermuda Cedar, and will last long when left unfinished and unpainted.

Cedar is truly a wood that works on so many levels: it’s beautiful to look at, easy to work with; will make your home smell amazing, and your clothing stay fresh. Take a minute to survey and appreciate the cedar in your home, and contact us at BS&R to better understand your options for fabricating with, or restoring cedar treasures.