TLC for Your Metal

TLC for Your Metal

We have given many tips for taking care of your wood, but there are some times where your metal pieces need some TLC as well. Not many people think about bringing their metal back to life however that is exactly what our stripping and refinishing division does.

Metal truly takes a toll in Bermuda. Between the humidity, salt, moisture and sun the climate really does a number on anything outside. Paint is flaking, rust is forming and your metal furniture can look like a death trap rather than the amazing piece it is.

That’s where we come in.

A lot of people go the do it yourself route however it may be dangerous using the chemicals needed for the process. Between the strong chemicals and the removal process doing it yourself can be both time consuming and difficult. You can keep your metal looking new or even refresh the color or finish by investing in stripping and refinishing services like ours.

Our metal stripping and refinishing services are fast and efficient, most items can be treated for less than the expense of buying a new product. Using proper safety equipment and techniques in our stripping workshop we’re able to bring any metal piece back to life and looking brand new. Items such as:

  • Aluminum Shutters
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Bike Frames & Car Rims
  • Rust and Corrosion Removal
  • Most Other Metal Items!

At our workshop we are able to dip your metal items into our vat tanks and remove the paint or powder coating. Once the coating is removed, the metal items are dipped in our corrosion-stripping chemicals. This process ensures that the new coating will be able to adhere to bare metal, extending the life of the final finish.

After the stripping process is complete we prepare the surface and apply a fine spray gun finish. An electro static spray system, (along with other techniques), and top of the line materials are used by our refinishing craftsmen to ensure a smooth, high-quality finish. Ensuring you get the best finish and color you can possibly have.

You don’t have to settle with metal that looks like it’s ready for the scrap heap. Bring any of your metal in and let us refinish them back to life. So all you have to do is sit back, choose a color, and think enjoying your new pieces.