Accoya Windows & Doors Successfully Tested For Enhanced Security

Accoya Windows & Doors Successfully Tested For Enhanced Security

Following the recent introduction of government ‘Part Q’ security standards, Accsys Technologies has produced a global security assessment for door and window designs manufactured using Accoya wood.

The regulations apply to new building dwellings and homes created by change of use and require the woodworking sector to apply enhanced security standards for doors and windows.

Making the process easier for manufacturers and homeowners alike, the assessment created by Accsys Technologies compiles the successful security tests of multiple door and window designs manufactured from Accoya into a single document.

Produced in collaboration with UKAS approved test houses, window and door manufacturers, ancillary suppliers and the British Woodworking Federation, the document can be cascaded down to manufacturers, limiting the need for further testing on Accoya products.

Mike Lewis, technical sales manager for Accsys Group, commented: “We pride ourselves in producing the very best high performance sustainable wood for use in windows and doors. “We apply strict attention to detail in all aspects of our supply chain, from sourcing our wood from FSC® plantations, to ensure we keep well ahead of industry legislation, including that of window and door security.”

Accoya wood is created using the latest in sustainable wood technology and, in addition to providing top levels of security, offers superior stability, durability and reliability compared to unsustainably sourced hardwoods.

Exceeding the high quality and aesthetic attributes of tropical hardwoods, Accoya also boasts excellent environmental credentials by using wood sourced from FSC® certified, sustainable forests. For further details about the security testing of Accoya windows and doors enabling Part Q compliancy, please visit