Accoya Windows & Doors Successfully Tested For Enhanced Security

Following the recent introduction of government ‘Part Q’ security standards, Accsys Technologies has produced a global security assessment for door and window designs manufactured using Accoya wood. The regulations apply to new building dwellings and homes created by change of use and require the woodworking sector to apply enhanced security standards for doors and windows. […]

Ode To Maple

Maple is a well-known tree for many in the world. From Maple syrup to smoking whiskey this is one diverse wood, and one we love to work with. There are approximately 128 species of Maple, most of which are native to Asia, with a number also appearing in Europe, North America and North Africa. Besides […]

Keeping Traditional Craftsmanship Alive

As craftsmen we are passionate about keeping traditional artistry alive, especially when it comes to restoring an antique. That is why one of our most beloved divisions is our Antiques Restoration and Reproduction division. Bermuda has a rich culture of furniture, and many of us have pieces that have been passed down from generation to […]

Feature Project: Our Millwork

Millwork, or the cutting of raw lumber, enables us to fabricate features using the precise dimensions specified for a project. BS&R initially began by providing furniture stripping and refinishing services, however we incorporated milling capacity five years into business. 35 years later and we are still cutting timber on a regular basis. All of our […]