Feature Project: Our Millwork

Feature Project: Our Millwork

Millwork, or the cutting of raw lumber, enables us to fabricate features using the precise dimensions specified for a project.

BS&R initially began by providing furniture stripping and refinishing services, however we incorporated milling capacity five years into business. 35 years later and we are still cutting timber on a regular basis.

All of our carpenters are expected to operate the millwork machinery, and also be comfortable with configuring equipment if required. We have noticed and recognized the need for our staff to be as comfortable with ever-evolving machinery as they are with traditional hand tools.

Building custom furniture also requires the sourcing and cutting of raw materials to accommodate specific design features and preferences. Milling would typically start by using the Planer to flatten the sides and edges before proceeding to the Table Saw and Thickness Planer.

The bulk of our lumber is sourced outside of Bermuda, with the exception of Bermuda Cedar. If you have ever had something fabricated by us at BS&R, there is a near 100% chance it first started at our milling saw.

Beyond using our equipment for BS&R projects, we also provide milling services to individuals or companies that don’t have the milling capacity on the scale required.