Accoya Wood Used to Build Eco-Friendly Aberdeenshire Family Home

Accoya Wood Used to Build Eco-Friendly Aberdeenshire Family Home

– Accoya wood used to clad striking eco-friendly Scottish family home
– Westwood Villa designed to blend in with woodland surroundings
– Accoya was selected for its eco-friendly and naturally insulating properties and high levels of stability and durability

Accoya®, the world-leading modified wood manufactured by Accsys Technologies, has been chosen to clad an exceptional architect-designed modern family home situated within a woodland suburb in Aberdeen, Scotland.

The Westwood Villa, designed by MAC Architects, was clad with Accoya as it fulfilled the owner’s requirement for an eco-friendly property, whilst offering exceptional durability and stability. Clad with 2600 linear metres of Accoya, the 300m² home was designed to reflect the woodland environment and sit harmoniously within it.

Tasked with designing a sustainable, energy efficient home for a growing Scottish family MAC Architects opted for a minimalist design, using only natural materials. The Aberdeen based architects combined large areas of floor to ceiling glazing with a super insulated Accoya clad exterior to achieve a visually stunning and highly efficient SAP ‘A’ Rated building.

Jonathan Cheyne, director of MAC Architects said: “We opted to use Accoya over other natural woods like Larch, to clad the elevations and roof soffit at Westwood Villa because of its reputation for being a highly professional grade material. The wood was fixed using secret fix cladding and soffit boards, which provided clean, crisp lines to the finished property.

The building’s shell needed to be able to stand up to often fierce weather conditions in the north east of Scotland, which is why the wood was coated with a translucent Teknos finish. Both we and our client were very pleased with the finished project. Accoya provided a long life ‘new cladding look’, which is exactly what we set out to achieve.”

Timber suppliers recommended Accoya for the high-specification external cladding due to the unique modification process which the product undergoes. The result is one of the most advanced modified wood products on the market delivering outstanding levels of performance, stability and durability.

Laura Ladd, head of marketing for Accsys said: “As a naturally beautiful product, Accoya blends extremely well with the villa’s surrounding environment. One of the world’s most durable and stable woods around, Accoya is virtually rot proof and is guaranteed for 50 years above ground. This will ensure that the family home will require very little maintenance over the coming years.”

Created using Accsys Technologies’ propriety acetylation technology, Accoya delivers outstanding levels of performance including class 1 durability, sustainability and dimensional stability which prevents cladding joints from opening or twisting. Made from FSC® certified wood from legal, manageable and sustainable forests, Accoya, is an attractive wood product which is Cradle to Cradle Gold certified and is perfect for a variety of uses from windows and doors to external cladding, structural projects and decking.