Project Feature: It’s Black Walnut Baby!

Project Feature: It’s Black Walnut Baby!

The best part about working with returning clients is being involved in the evolution of their living space. Last year we were hired to build a family’s custom bookshelves and couches, and this year they asked us to build a unique armoire for their home.

For this piece aesthetics was everything. The client wanted to use two different woods, while creating a unique “knotty” look for their armoire doors. This required the use of solid wood and some veneering, along with having to ‘bookmatch’ the wood grains. We then had to build adjustable wooden shelving brackets to ensure a traditional look was maintained.

Additionally, we had to complement a specific space in the home which involved a lot of careful measuring and cutting to ensure the piece fit perfectly where it needed to be. The armoire had to fit a specific space in a hallway without the cabinet and drawer openings compromising existing door frames and general spacing. The client and designer also determined that they wanted the armoire visible from the dining room, therefore we had to complement the space’s feel and aesthetic.

We used Black Walnut and Karilean Birch Wood to build the armoire due to the specifications provided to us by the client’s Interior Designer. We work regularly with Designers to customize furniture for clients that know what they want but may not necessarily have the time to research their options and coordinate the order with us.

The choice of wood was done for a number of reasons. Firstly the Black Walnut was consistent with the client’s dining room furniture, and the couches that we previously built for them.  We wanted to ensure there was a flow throughout the home. The birch wood was then used as an accent wood, and we applied a clear lacquer finish to give it a noticeable sheen.

While a relatively simple piece compared to others we’ve done, we loved customizing it and building it for our clients. We love seeing a house fill with pieces we’ve done, seeing them all come together aesthetically and clients enjoying them fully. We hope to hear from them again.