Project Feature: It’s Black Walnut Baby!

The best part about working with returning clients is being involved in the evolution of their living space. Last year we were hired to build a family’s custom bookshelves and couches, and this year they asked us to build a unique armoire for their home. For this piece aesthetics was everything. The client wanted to […]

How to Protect Your Wood

During the Summer we get full use of our decks and patio furniture, but as the weather gets colder and damper, your unused outdoor pieces can turn for the worse. To keep your outdoor wood looking it’s best you should protect it. Taking certain precautions between hurricane season and Winter is ideal to ensure longevity […]

Winter is Coming…Are you Ready?

Summer can be rough on your wood and metal, particularly outdoor furniture. Between the sun and usage, pieces can start to fade, flake and diminish. Winter tends to bring more rain and temperamental weather that can lead to rust, rot, shrinking, swelling and other negative features in your piece. As they say “Winter is coming” […]

Accoya Becomes an Eco-Leader

Each year, the Green Builder Media editorial team selects a handful of Eco Leaders. These are companies that are paving the way to a sustainable future with innovative products and forward-thinking business practices. These chosen companies are then highlighted in the Green Builder magazine. The Eco Leaders are recognized for setting an example for other […]