Winter is Coming…Are you Ready?

Winter is Coming…Are you Ready?

Summer can be rough on your wood and metal, particularly outdoor furniture. Between the sun and usage, pieces can start to fade, flake and diminish. Winter tends to bring more rain and temperamental weather that can lead to rust, rot, shrinking, swelling and other negative features in your piece.

As they say “Winter is coming” so this is a perfect time to prepare and take care of your wood and metal pieces. For many, they want to prepare their pieces before storing them. For others, they want to ensure their piece is in prime condition for the weather. This is why stripping and refinishing is so useful.

Stripping and refinishing will not only make your piece look new again, it will also ensure that it is in prime visual and functional condition. No one wants a rusted hinge or swelled shutter when hurricane season arrives, so let us renew and revive your pieces well in advance.

Many people we meet enjoy attempting refinishing themselves, however when industrial grade chemicals are needed to properly (and promptly) strip wood or metal, it’s best to defer the process to professionals. DIY attempts can be time consuming, difficult, and costlier in the long run.

Our services are fast and efficient; most items can be treated for less than the expense of buying a new product. Using proper safety equipment and techniques in our stripping workshop allows us to revive most pieces far better than over the counter solutions.

Take stock of which pieces you want to utilize this Winter and ask yourself if now is a good time to restore or revive them in order to avoid sudden disappointments when you are ready to entertain. The Holidays are fast approaching, which means so are the guests. Let us help you prepare to have friends and family over by ensuring your furniture is ready.