Bring your home out of the stone age with a little TLC

Bring your home out of the stone age with a little TLC

How many of us have windows and doors from what feels like the stone age? The paint is cracked, the piece is jammed, or it looks like there’s so much film you can’t be sure what’s underneath. It happens. With so many old homes in Bermuda there are many windows, doors and shutters that need a little TLC.

The first impression visitors get of your home is its exterior.  Rotting window frames, dented doors and chipping can make people think that the inside of your home is going to be in the same condition. With new or improved windows, doors and shutters you will improve the look of your home, from both inside and out.

Our T-Made Custom Carpentry division as well as our Stripping & Refinishing division can do wonders to help in adding value to your home.

The latter allows your original windows and doors to shine. Our chemical stripping process preserves the profiles of the woodwork and does not injure the wood in any way. What would take days or weeks by hand can be done efficiently in a day in our stripping workshop. And with endless combinations of finishes available for wood and metal products, your next stripping and refinishing project couldn’t be in safer, quicker and more dependable hand

Often when people are out looking at homes, they are looking for things that need to be repaired.  While they may not mind repainting or patching some drywall, old windows and doors can be a huge turnoff.  They can also give the impression that you haven’t been maintaining your home.  Buyers often believe that what they can’t see is in worse condition than what they can see.

Our Stripping and Refinishing division can save homeowners time and money in improving their windows, doors and shutters into something they can be proud of.

When stripping and refinishing isn’t possible homeowners should consider replacing the pieces outright. Older houses will benefit from new windows, doors, and shutters and homeowners will see the difference. Besides being more attractive and better sealed, new technologies and features will allow them to open with ease and be more energy efficient.

Using woods like Accoya allows windows, doors and shutters to last longer, be more weather resistant, and be more impervious to rot and decay. Not only that but new technologies and products allow for a more stable surface (so less swelling and shrinkage) which means coatings adhere better. Allowing your pieces to stay un-jammed and finishes & paint to last longer.

The exterior of your house can make quite an impact on the overall look of your house and we all know the saying about first impressions. Buyers will notice when you’ve invested and taken care of your home. So bring your home out of the stone age and make that stunning first impression for your home