How To: Choose the right wood care product

From modern pieces to antiques, wood furniture is often a prized possession, as well as an expression of our individual personalities and taste. Furniture is also one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime and it deserves the best care you can give it. So what’s the best way to care for […]

Bring your home out of the stone age with a little TLC

How many of us have windows and doors from what feels like the stone age? The paint is cracked, the piece is jammed, or it looks like there’s so much film you can’t be sure what’s underneath. It happens. With so many old homes in Bermuda there are many windows, doors and shutters that need […]

Carbon Footprint of Accoya Wood Outperforms

The world-leading environmental credentials of Accoya® wood have been further boosted through publication of an independent carbon footprint report. Updated cradle-to-gate analysis of the revolutionary modified wood by leading climate change consultancy Verco has shown that Accoya’s carbon footprint significantly outperforms most other building materials, including even a wide range of sustainably- sourced hardwoods. Verco’s […]

Think Creatively: Utilizing Wood for Any Bathroom

As experts in wood there aren’t many rooms we haven’t done. Not many people would think of wood when considering their bathroom design. However there are many places where wood can shine given the right design and treatment. Mixing wood with the moisture-ridden setting of a bathroom may sound like a recipe for disaster but […]

Why Choose Custom Furniture?

What truly makes a home is creating a space you feel comfortable in. Comfort comes from having a home that is functional, beautiful and fits your needs. Most put up with pieces and furniture that they can find, but to have a piece that truly suits your needs custom is the way to go. We […]

BS&R Takes on a Sweeping Staircase

There is nothing more beautiful than a sweeping staircase. We had the opportunity to build just that earlier this year. Originally asked to supply a mahogany Dutch door for a side entrance, the clients quickly asked us to bid on the handrail fabrication and installation. Spiral Handrails and staircases are considered to be its own […]