Think Creatively: Utilizing Wood for Any Bathroom

Think Creatively: Utilizing Wood for Any Bathroom

As experts in wood there aren’t many rooms we haven’t done. Not many people would think of wood when considering their bathroom design. However there are many places where wood can shine given the right design and treatment.

Mixing wood with the moisture-ridden setting of a bathroom may sound like a recipe for disaster but thanks to modern technologies, this is no longer the case.

Think creatively. Wood is used on decks and docks, where it is constantly shifting between wet and dry. So why not use it the shower floor or another bathroom area?

It’s hard to resist the warmth, texture and authenticity of wood. Using wood in the bathroom enables a mix of materials to create depth and warmth across different materials and styles. A usually cold bathroom can feel more peaceful and welcoming with well-placed wood pieces.

Hardwood floors are on the “must-have” lists of many homebuyers, and they are becoming an increasingly popular option in the bathroom as well.

In fact, wood can be a surprisingly strong performer in a humid environment — provided that it’s safely protected and maintained, of course.

In Bermuda wooden floors are a part of the traditional house. Utilizing wood floors in the bathroom creates flow and a feeling of continuity in a home. It’s easier to run flooring that exists in the other rooms of the house through to the bathroom to create a look that’s cohesive.

Countertops & Shelving
This is where design and texture really come into play. Wooden countertops, shelving and touches paired with the smoothness of ceramic basins and metal fixtures can create a dynamic focal point in a room.

For a traditional Bermudian house this is where we’re able to bring in the look and feel of antique touches in your modern bathroom.

Whatever the design choosing a wooden material and sealant that works for moisture is key. Accoya wood is perfect for this use. It is not only durable but rot proof, naturally insulating, retains coatings longer, and is dimensionally stable (so it wont warp, shrink or swell). This is one of the prime reasons we chose to bring in this brand of wood.

So keep your mind open and when it comes to designing or updating your bathroom don’t rule out wood just yet. With just a little TLC, wood is a fine and functional choice for the bathroom.