Custom Carpentry in Your Home

Custom Carpentry in Your Home

As a company that began by selling and repairing antiques, we are proud of how far we have progressed since. One of our biggest achievements is our T-Made Custom Carpentry division; a challenging aspect of our business that enables us to grow daily as carpenters.

We love being presented with a unique design that requires our insight as to how it can be best built. These custom projects allows us to utilize our skills and creativity to produce something beautiful and most importantly, functional.

A custom fabrication requires so many considerations that need to be made prior to turning our equipment on. What space will it be incorporated in? What wood type, coloration and staining options are best suitable? Who will be using it, and for what purpose? Many people acquire pieces and furniture that are readily available, but to design and create something from inception is the ideal option.

Besides functionality, the main reason to choose a custom-built piece is its suitably to your existing space. As many people in Bermuda understand, our older homes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes; many of which are unique. It is not uncommon for mass-produced furniture to feel like they miss the mark in such a space.

Many of our clients approach us because they cannot find a piece of furniture that works, or is as functional as they need it to be. We have built everything from one-of-a-kind couches and shelving units to outdoor kitchens and inlaid decking. No matter the space, choosing a custom piece will ensure you incorporate something unique to you.

Once you know where and what you want to put in a space you can begin enjoying the fun part: the design. Another main reason for choosing custom is the opportunity for any input into its style or design. Throughout the process you have full control over the design, layout and can select everything that goes into the final piece.

A client will usually come to us with a design or we will work with their designer to create something unique. We stress to clients to take the time to really think about what they like and even to sketch out or collect images to share their ideas with us. We work closely with clients and designers when creating these pieces, and having visual concepts help us better visualize what our clients are looking for in a final piece.

Our favorite part of a custom job is making the design a reality. It is one thing to draw up a design and another to figure out a solution to make it work. This is why we love our job.

It’s not unusual to go through a few revisions before finding exactly the right size, materials and techniques to get it done. We love the challenge of figuring out how something can be built, how to make it better, and how to make it beautiful and one of a kind.

We are happy so many designers, clients and architects think of us when they need something custom built. We love the challenge of a new design and creating extremely unique additions to one’s life. Looking back at all the projects we’ve successfully completed, we can’t help but get excited for what’s in store for us in the future.