Easy Deck Tips

Easy Deck Tips

Summer is approaching. Ice-cold drinks, warm evenings, and good people.

It’s hard not to think about lounging outside once the weather starts to warm, and we can help you explore decking options for your outdoor spaces. There are many ways to create or improve an outdoor deck area that works perfect for you.

It’s all about your lifestyle: What’s the point of a deck if it’s not enhancing your life and home? If you love entertaining maybe you want to create intimate gathering and dining areas. If you love the grill, an outdoor kitchen is ideal. Consider the whole family; do they want a quite space, a container garden, or simply a clear path for taking out the garbage?

Create comfortable traffic pathways: It sounds obvious but many people have difficulty visualizing how a space will look and feel once it’s being used. It’s necessary to plan a deck that allows for the activities you enjoy as well as comfortable traffic pathways between and around them. It helps to imagine a deck being similar to a room; how will you navigate it once it’s furnished?

Research your material options: Besides the look and feel of a material, you should choose wood based on budget, quality and maintenance. Ipe is the most popular exotic hardwood decking due to its hardness, durability, and availability. It has the bending strength of steal and will be naturally resistant for over 30 years. Accoya is our treated wood option, as it is guaranteed for 50 years uncoated. No matter what your decking choice is, we will always build it with an Accoya sub-frame and 316 stainless fasteners.

Think outside the box: There’s nothing wrong with the standard rectangular deck, but consider adding some pizzazz and thinking outside the (literal) box. Consider angles, or even curves. These decks will take additional time to build, but can make an area feel unique rather than cookie-cutter. Design with a “theme and variation” approach, so that a certain angle or curve gets repeated, perhaps with different sizes, at various places. These added touches will give your deck a personal touch.

Get the Views Right: Consider the view, both from the deck and from inside the house. If there is a bulky railing between you and what you want to see, your deck will be a less inviting place. One possible solution is to step the deck down with platforms or descending sections, which will lower the railings or perhaps make it possible to do without them.

Don’t forget the Extras: There are many things you can do to a deck to personalize them. Green up your deck with built-in wooden planters, or create some shade with a simple pergola. If you need a little break from your chatty neighbor or just want your deck to feel more intimate, add a privacy screen. Utilize the steps to serve as bleachers or extra seating; your options are endless.

Summer is coming. Plan ahead, enjoy the view, get outside and love your deck.