The Benefits of Accoya Decking

The Benefits of Accoya Decking

There are many factors to consider when choosing materials for a deck. Beyond the aesthetic beauty, materials should also be durable and perform in all-weather environments. A material that will remain flat and not warp, split, swell or be affected by fungi, water uptake or rot is also desirable. It’s also crucial that your wood choice is non-toxic and completely safe for use by humans and pets.

As a long lasting wood product with outstanding performance characteristics, Accoya is ideal for decking. Guaranteed 50 years above ground and 25 years underground Accoya has exceptional dimensional stability.

Accoya has also been tested and proven to avoid high thermal gain, a concern with some deck and terrace materials. During testing, Accoya decking remained cool to touch despite being in direct sunlight with an ambient temperature of 32 degrees Celsius (90°F). This makes Accoya the ideal material for outdoor decking and bare feet everywhere!

Accoya has been used in a number of decking projects in the past few years, including the following:

Surin Beach, Thailand: Accoya wood decking was the ideal choice of material for this resort. The thermal gain benefit was very crucial to the visitors of the Thai resort and further contributing to the barefoot friendly credentials. Accoya’s deck surface remains smooth and resists splintering and grain raising despite high ambient temperatures.

Pool decking, Greece: Accoya was specified for the surrounding area of an outdoor swimming pool due to its many benefits including its superior stability, its class 1 durability and its outstanding sustainability credentials. Applications like decking, where the wood is frequently wet and close to or in contact with the ground, demand a durable wood that is effective against rot and decay and an insect barrier. Accoya was the ideal choice.

Kelowna Marina, Canada: The project developers chose Accoya for the visitor comfort stations located on the 350’ pier to provide guests respite from the elements. Siding, trim and louvers were all made from Accoya. The wood was chosen over alternative options due to its resistance to extreme weather conditions. Kelowna needed a specialized wood that could stand up to the rigors of the local environment without incurring unnecessary additional maintenance costs.

Chiang Mai colonial house, Thailand: Accoya was used for its architectural beauty including wall decoration, swimming pool and BBQ area decks, landscape and outdoor furniture. Accoya wood was specified for its superior stability and durability benefits; embracing this architectural gem that blends perfectly along the Ping River.