Fitting The Pieces Together

Fitting The Pieces Together

There are many factors and features that need to be thought out when it comes to a project.  From location to aesthetic, you should consider every little detail. Our customers tend to know what they want but sometimes don’t know where to start. We think of it as someone bringing us a puzzle box and asking us to help fit the pieces together.

The pieces: Style & Design, Material, Build and Installation

Style and Design – Firstly you need to determine an appropriate aesthetic for your project. There are numerous choices so you should do your homework to avoid second guessing throughout the project. Depending on the perceived difficulty of your project, you may want to seek a professional opinion.

Materials – Be it soft or hard wood, antique or modern finishes, it is important to determine how you want the piece to look and function before it is built. If design is synonymous with aesthetic, then materials should be synonymous with practicality.

Build – Once the style, design and materials are agreed to, it’s hard not to think that the hard part is over with! The next step is where we need to pay the closest attention to detail, and to take the time to ensure that all of the time we spent preparing isn’t wasted on rushed craftsmanship.

Installation – Much like the building phase, installation requires more application than theory. Best practice methods for simple installations such as shelving units can be found online, however for more complicated undertakings like flooring it can sometimes be best to consult with an industry expert.

Once you have gone through the process of fitting all the pieces together, you should end up with a unique piece that looks great, functions well; was built solidly, and installed correctly.