Getting Ready for Spring

Getting Ready for Spring

With another year behind us it’s time to look ahead to warmer weather. We’re luckier than most to have a climate that allows us to entertain outdoors almost year round.  But this means we need to be even more vigilant on pieces that get a lot of wear and tear. Are you ready for warmer weather? Pieces not only can look run down but also end up being dangerous to use without maintenance.

Stripping and refinishing may not mean much to most people but it could mean a whole new home for someone’s who’s neglected their pieces for a while.

Think of all the floors, windows, decks, furniture, shutters and other pieces that you use throughout the year. Then think of the last time you’ve freshened them up or maintained them. Chances are it’s time to consider stripping and refinished them.

Every generation wears down the finish with spills, grit, shifting furniture, shoes, pets and all other means of daily life. As they say, “Life Happens” and that’s what the pieces are there for, but just make sure they stay functional.

It’s not something on most people’s mind but the weather does have an affect on your metal and wood, be it indoors or out.  The sun can fade or bleach a piece, even indoors. And with so much salt in our air our outdoor metal can rust more frequently and wood rot more easily. For many it’s not until too late that they realize their pieces are unusable.

But for most pieces there is still hope! You can still be ready for the warmer weather. Stripping and refinishing (S&R) can bring them back to life and make them like new again. From scraping and sanding the finish away to staining and refinishing the piece we can help you enjoy your piece again. Not only that we’ll make sure it is protected so you can continue to use it for years to come.

So stay vigilant and get ready for warm weather. There are many areas of the home that incorporate wood. Especially in Bermudian houses wood is prevalent almost everywhere. And that patio furniture or rusted lounger can be saved. Enjoy all aspects of your home and don’t put up with run down pieces.