New Year at BS&R

New Year at BS&R

In 2017 we completed a number of unique projects that added to our extensive portfolio. From building and installing new features for the Caroline Bay Chapel Hamlet at Morgan’s Point to milling and installing a luxury residential dock to refinishing several 200-300 year old antiques, we were busy last year.

Every job is a challenge in our industry and we learn from each one.  Our staff members arrive with an existing expertise, and they acquire new skillsets after being exposed to each other over time. A good example of this was the residential dock: it had many demands with regards to creating an aesthetically pleasing feature near a sensitive marine environment, and nearly every member of staff was responsible for completing it.

Throughout 2017 we invested a lot of time into increasing our efficiencies and customer service, as well as our administrative functions.  This has allowed us to prepare for 2018 with more skill and focus.

This year we will also focus more on industry-specific events, both local and overseas. We are hosting local Architects in our workshop in February and expect to discuss ways in which we can both improve client services. We want our clients to be more involved in the creative process where possible and to not be apprehensive to ask for explanation and revision.

We are looking forward to doing more commercial projects over the next year and adding to our luxury antique furniture with high-end hardware available to clients. Lift & Slide Door Hardware is a great example of a functional feature that has a wide range of quality available, and we want to focus on the upper spectrum of that range. On the residential site we hope to continue the momentum of having our locally-built windows, doors and shutters specified by homeowners and the building community.