Life’s a ‘Copper Beech’

Life’s a ‘Copper Beech’

White, Forest Green, and Black.

Despite the buildings in Bermuda being painted an array of tones across the color spectrum, most of the shutters you notice are painted using the three aforementioned colors. While these colors are traditional and provide a quaint aesthetic, you also have every color under the sun available to you when choosing a shutter color.

Our client previously had aluminum shutters on their home but wanted to convert to wooden ones. They already decided to repaint their home lime green and were deliberating which color to paint their shutters. ‘Copper Beech’ was the choice of color so we fabricated, spray finished and installed the shutters.

The shutters for the entire property utilized Accoya wood and were spray-finished using a water-based paint system. A mix of push-out, side-hung, and bi-fold shutters were used due to different spaces being better served by a particular shutter style. It’s important to understand the characteristics of each shutter style in order to select the style that best suits how you plan to enjoy the space. If allowing sunlight into your space is a priority, side-hung shutters are recommended. If you want more shade while still allowing a breeze to enter, push-outs are for you.

Ultimately what made these particular shutters stand out was the client’s choice of color. Although non-traditional, the color schematics compliment the surrounding landscape in addition to the client’s own personality. We very much enjoyed seeing the completed project and encourage others to consider their color options when replacing or refinishing their shutters.