Home Transform with Accoya Doors & Windows

With summer fast approaching, many homeowners will be planning to use the milder weather to start thinking about renovations. Upgrading tired doors and windows with certain types of wood will help weather-proof and better insulate homes for many years to come. Beautifully crafted Accoya wooden window frames and doors best equip your home to withstand […]

Look Through My Window

Context often forces us humans to develop an appreciation for something. If you are reading this on your home computer or mobile device, you are looking through a glass screen near a window so congratulations! Mankind has only used windows for approximately 1% of our known existence, and transparent glass has only been around for […]

The First “R”

Renew, Reuse, Recycle. A phrase commonly used by clients we speak with is “They don’t make them like they used to”. Referring to a piece or set of furniture they cannot part with, there is acknowledgment that the materials and craftsmanship deployed when making them were superior than modern techniques. This sentiment is not one […]

Life’s a ‘Copper Beech’

White, Forest Green, and Black. Despite the buildings in Bermuda being painted an array of tones across the color spectrum, most of the shutters you notice are painted using the three aforementioned colors. While these colors are traditional and provide a quaint aesthetic, you also have every color under the sun available to you when […]