Look Through My Window

Look Through My Window

Context often forces us humans to develop an appreciation for something. If you are reading this on your home computer or mobile device, you are looking through a glass screen near a window so congratulations! Mankind has only used windows for approximately 1% of our known existence, and transparent glass has only been around for 0.02% of the homo sapien’s estimated 200,000 years on this planet.

The actual word ‘window’ replaced the Old English word eagpyrl, which translated into ‘eye-hole. The double-hung sash window is the most common window design you will find in Bermuda, but we have also built and seen horizontal sliding sash or casement windows, for example. Side lights, skylights, transom and stained-glass windows are other relatively common window types one is regularly exposed to.

Different window types are built differently and operate uniquely. If you are considering replacing your windows, we suggest thinking of how a new window style may benefit your space and setting. The existing double-hung sash window in your bathroom that needs replacing may look better if it were a casement window. Property owners don’t replace windows often, so it’s worth taking the time to assess your options.

Another consideration is your window’s energy efficiency. Advances in lumber and glass technology have offered us improved ways of reducing the heat and UV light that enters our spaces. Using treated lumber, like Accoya, lowers heat retention, offers better efficiency, and provides added benefits like retained strength and durability.  Low-emission (or Low-E) glass helps to protect your interior furnishings by reducing the ultra-violet light that can cause fading.

We’ve fabricated countless windows that not only look good but are also functional, efficient and add many benefits to your home. Next time you’re gazing out your window, maybe you can appreciate the view a bit more and consider us when you need to replace it.