Meet our Carpenter Mr. Olwin Clark

Meet our Carpenter Mr. Olwin Clark

We have a lot of staff working here at BS&R Group and appreciate all they do. One of these people is our Joiner and Carpenter Olwin Clark.

Having been at BS&R for almost 30 years we just can’t imagine the place without him.

What is your job title?


What do you do at BS&R?

I handle a lot of different carpentry projects from building windows and doors, to framing and moldings, right down to & millwork repairs.

What is your background?

I came to Bermuda via the small island of Barbados. I come from a big family, however I am the sole carpenter. I’ve always loved working with my hands and seeing how something can be created from nothing but an idea.

What is your favorite thing/part about this job?

I love taking on new projects, particularly challenges I have yet to face or haven’t faced in years. There’s something interesting about a project like that and always something to learn. I love figuring out how we’re going to do something and finally tackling a challenging built and seeing the final product.

How long have you worked at BS&R?  28 Years 

How long have you worked in this industry? 40 Years

What made you want to work at BS&R?

It was an opportunity presented to me almost three decades ago, and in hindsight I am very happy I took it. It’s been a successful experience so to speak.

Which is your favorite division? My Division! The Carpentry Shop.

What is your passion in this industry?

I am someone that enjoys a challenge. Many of the items I build day-to-day are straight-forward, so I live for the more complicated millwork projects. We are lucky to be one of the few carpentry companies that are sought out for our technical knowledge and skills, so we get to take on some pretty cool projects from time to time.

What is the one thing you think people misunderstand the most about being a Carpenter?

Some people are really curious about radius woodworking. They don’t quite understand how you can bend and join wood to create unique pieces of furniture. I think nowadays people maybe don’t appreciate the craftsmanship and skill required to build a custom hand-made piece of furniture versus a factory produced version.